Who can participate in health fairs and medical missions outreach?
Anyone with a heart to serve people can participate. No prior experience is necessary.

What special skills or backgrounds are useful in volunteering?
Persons with a medical or healthcare background and knowledge such as physicians, dentists, paramedics, nurses, medical and/or dental techs and assistants, phlebotomists, students, nurses’ aides, and administrators have the skill sets that can be extremely helpful in an outreach settings. Volunteers that exhibit strong people, marketing, and organizational skills can contribute effectively in the outreach setting.

Will I need a passport for travel?
You will need a passport for all travel abroad. The expiration date must be greater than 6 months before your departure date. You can get information for your passport at the U.S. Post Office or go online to http://travel.state.gov/passport. Passports take about six weeks to process. It is recommended that you keep a copy of your passport at home and that you travel with two copies.

Will I need any vaccinations for travel to other countries?
You will need to review the CDC Travelers Health Vaccination webpage to determine which vaccines you will be for a specific country. It is found at http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel.

Will I be able to take my personal medications with me when volunteering out of the country?
All of your personal medications should be kept in the original prescription container with your name clearly written on it. It is a good idea to take a personal supply of basic medications for headache, fever, nausea, diarrhea, first-aid, and muscle aches and pains. These items should be carried in your carry-on bag.

What experiences can I expect to gain from volunteering for a medical mission trip?
You have the opportunity to gain invaluable experiences from a medical mission trip. You can learn about the culture, customs, food, and language of the people that you will serve and develop lifetime friendships. Your openness, willingness, and attitude will determine how much you gain from your experience.

What type of supplies can be donated for outreaches?
First aid and clerical supplies, health information pamphlets, and health screening tools and equipment.

Will I need to provide an emergency contact while I am on the mission trip?
Yes, it is recommended that you provide your leader with your emergency contacts’ information.

How should I pack for an abroad mission trip?
It is recommended that you pack lightly. Useful items include:

What type of screenings do you perform at health fairs?

What other activities do you perform at the health fairs?