The Clinic 4 Cities is making more than headlines around the world. We’re making headway to a better world through missionary healing work.  There are many heroes in these stories who open their hearts and minds to brothers and sisters in Christ and spread compassion to those in need.

William Kabuye is a 16-year old boy living in Watoto. He was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure in September 2011.  Instead of going to school and playing with his friends, he is on costly dialysis three times a week and fighting for a chance to live a normal life.  Thanks to the efforts of Watoto and The Great Commission Outreach, there is hope.  In addition to funding the $2,000 monthly costs of his dialysis, we identified a non-related donor for a kidney transplant.  The 22-year old male donor has been fully worked up and the HLA tying shows good compatibility. We found a hospital (Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals) in New Delhi, India where the transplant can be perfomed and have the blessing from our Pastoral Team.   Overall, the direct and indirect costs involved, including current care costs, travel to India and costs of surgery are estimated at 45,000 USD. Thanks to generous donors,  we are  on our way to achieving this goal, but still need an additional 38,000 USD.   Please help us make a difference for William and give him a chance to do the great things God has in store for him.

thousands receive medical care in northern uganda